We are a unique group of creatives leading innovation in video production, photography and online events.

We solve problems and create opportunities.

OBG Productions is committed to helping our clients grow their digital presence, using high-quality and engaging content.

Committed to providing effective solutions for Small to Medium Enterprises with creative digital productions.


Empowering young people to express
themselves through creative productions.


Produce high-quality creative projects, helping our clients achieve their business goals using the latest technology and techniques in creative development.


  • Quality: Creating quality experiences
  • Opportunities: Empowering our staff & clients with new opportunities
  • Achieve goals: We help our clients achieve their goals
  • Innovation: Using the latest technology and learning new techniques to create innovative projects.

About OBG Productions

Oskar, Blaise & Geordie, three young creators from Melbourne, started OBG Productions in September 2020 with a strong drive to immerse themselves in creative and engaging experiences. Bringing an obvious passion for inspiring and connecting with people through impressive artistic projects, they have achieved outstanding results and continue to work with new and exciting clients.   

The OBG team coordinates events and develops content creation for businesses looking to improve their online presence, brand identity & creative developments. Our passionate and motivated team aims to bring a sense of uniqueness and creativity to our projects. 

OBG Productions includes several staff and offers hire of its studio space, including a large inventory of equipment. 

Whilst operating in difficult times, the journey has been incredibly successful, growing a supportive client base through word-of-mouth referrals based on strong relationships, connections with industry partners and targeted marketing campaigns.

By investing in cutting-edge technology, every step in the customer’s experience is maintained with the assistance of strong procedures which are driven by an integrated system that helps ensure a consistent level of communication and service from quoting to completion. 

How can I trust young people with my project?

Every project is handled with the utmost professionalism, ensuring every aspect is delivered on time at a high standard. Though the OBG directors are young, they have earned the recognition and trust of each client, including overseas brands, to manage creative productions with superb care, commitment and capacity, taking great pride to deliver excellence. 

The team also includes industry professionals who have worked across a range of projects from feature films to festivals, major events, broadcast TV and corporate productions to small local businesses, not-for-profit organisations and private family bookings. 

Trusted to produce outstanding creative content for individuals, businesses and industry partners, both locally and overseas!

our awesome creative helpful team.

Our friendly team are always ready to help you, create the perfect experience! Our team is always expanding, if you want to work with OBG Productions, send an email with your CV!

Oskar Smethurst


Oskar Smethurst

Creative Director

Oskar is OBG’s lead creative producer, working with clients across the world to build their creative visions, help SMB’s find new clients, and produce content that engages with people on a deeper level. Oskar’s years of experience working for clients from many different backgrounds allow him to be flexible with his work.

Blaise Cosme

Operations Director

Blaise leads the sales team and manages OBG’s operations to ensure every client’s journey is handled in the best possible way, and all the final products are on time. Blaise has years of experience in the audiovisual and marketing industries, leading marketing efforts on many large scale festivals in Victoria and working across the globe for his clients, helping them grow to their full potential.

Blaise Cosme


Geordie Daff


Geordie Daff

Marketing Director

Geordie leads our marketing department at OBG and is one of our extremely skilled content creators and editors. Geordie’s photography skills have featured him on major TV channels, Instagram pages & photo sites. His experience in capturing the right content for his clients has allowed him to work with major brands and SMB and helping them grow.

Phil Byers

Creative Producer

Ziggy Cross

Content Creator

Harrison Ashford

Content Creator

Tom Brady

Video Editor

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